We're Improving the Relationship between Employees and Employers

Workplace Trends

Only 33% of American workers are actively engaged at work

(State of the American Workplace Report Gallup 2017)

On average, employees stay at a job for about 4 years

(State of the American Workplace Report Gallup 2017)

21% of employees don't trust their employer

(Work and Well-Being Survey American Psychological Association 2017)

The average cost per hire in the US is $4,129

(Human Capital Benchmarking Report, Society for Human Resources Management 2016)

Engaged teams produce 20% more and are 21% more profitable

(Meta-Analysis Report, Gallup 2016)




To Move in a New Direction



The condition of being transparent, readily understood and free from pretense




Engagement starts with Employees. They are the focal point of our approach. Employees define the baseline for understanding where adjustments are needed and maintain the pulse of the organization. We present aggregated metrics based on regular individual assessments to empower employees to drive change.

Leaders are accountable for effectively cultivating growth. We ensure that the issues identified in the individual evaluations are tracked as incremental opportunities for change. Likewise, Leaders are individuals too and are unable to properly motivate teams/team members if they feel stagnant, burnt out or are just not engaged. We identify coaching opportunities and provide tailored resources to leaders.

Corporate response to extrinsic offerings allows an organization to maintain a competitive edge against companies that are slow to adapt or are unsure of what to adjust. Observing and calibrating to shifting trends attracts new talent while preserving existing teams. We reveal perceived areas of improvement and provide small-scale recommendations that will have a direct employee impact.


Who We Are


Founded on the premise that a hearty company culture is developed by passionate, motivated employees, we dedicated ourselves to cultivating individual growth. Having been on the receiving end of status quo engagement efforts and meager corporate follow-through, we realized the traditional top-down approach needed reexamined.


Sporadic engagement surveys and annual performance reviews are outdated and ineffective. We are rekindling the relationship between employees and employers by building trust, fostering growth and calibrating towards shifting trends. We are reinventing employee engagement. 


Our goal is to positively impact One Million employees. We seek to ignite cultures of trust, accountability and transparency in each organization we encounter. Our team is determined to leave the working world better than how we found it. 


We begin each encounter with an introductory evaluation to develop an Engagement Baseline. Then collaboratively with business leaders and an organization's staff, we develop unique success criteria that we monitor throughout an engagement. Each company is different, but every company can BeTrendsparent.


Engage Us

We are rekindling the relationship between companies and their employees.

Contact us to see what we are about and how we can help you BeTrendsparent.

Privacy Promise

One of the Core Values of Trendsparency is to Act with Integrity. In regards to privacy, that means operating as trusted stewards of your information.


When sending us a message, we don't automatically add you to our mailing list or actively sell your email address to external 3rd parties. We will follow up to see how you would like to engage with us and build our relationship around your feedback.


This is our promise to you.

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